Mon Ami’


           ” Our relationship is based on affection and honesty. It involves promises that must be kept and help given in times of greatest need. It involves self-sacrifice on each other’s behalf and entrusting our most cherished belongings to each other. We get drunk and speak our minds without restrain. We forget each other in times of happiness but would first think of each other in times of sorrow.

            We help each other expecting nothing in return. We don’t feel guilty with each other after becoming agitated. We have utmost trust in each other. Even at the lowest points in our individual lives, our opinions of each other never change. We won’t change our names for each other even when any of us is steadily rising. 

           We encourage each other during failures and ‘extend a hand’ after falls. We comfort each other during sorrow and help keep each other’s ‘youthful vigor’  in check. We belong in each other’s best but most regretted experiences.

We are true friends! “

           Dedicated to ‘my true  friend'(she’s a bit paranoid about sharing her name).  Share the name of the first person who comes to mind after you read this. Share the write-up with that person.

                                                                                                                  BY:CHRIS BARON

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