Good day all, it’s me again. The topic may be a bit off but you’ll understand after you read this :

                I went to a village where the people were quite nice. They took some time to show me around, during the tour I had a conversation with a very interesting boy who the villagers took to be the ‘village fool’. It was a sort of entertainment for visiting tourist that the boy would be brought before the tourist(which in this case was me) and he would be offered two coins, one gold and one silver. 

                     When he picked the silver coin I was shocked but people just laughed, I had a feeling there was more to the boy than met the eye so I followed him when he left. When we were somewhat alone I asked him why he picked the silver coin and if he didn’t know that the gold coin was more valuable. His response “If I pick the gold coin people would stop         playing the game with me. But this way, I get a free silver coin almost every day”. I was gobsmacked. 

         So you see why I can’t pick a suitable title for the story. If I really had to I would go with ‘PRACTICAL WISDOM’  Or ‘ACTING THE FOOL TO FOOL THE FOOL WHO THINKS HE’S FOOLING YOU’. 

         When commenting you can vote for whichever title you would prefer or send a better title to me. (xtian_gray@yahoo.com) 

P. S I added a few tweaks to the original version of the story. 

                                                                                BY:CHRIS BARON 


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