Avoid a “BROKE” $$ Future ⌛

         ” This could very well be one of those broke, boring and jobless write-ups!”. Quite a few people will think or even voice this opinion, but relax it is not boring. 

         Earlier I was privileged to be in a training program organized  by Google and an interesting speaker said the line used as my topic. He did not really go into detail, but that simple line got to me because it’s an old message but in a cool way. I just had to write something about it. 

          So, for those who are still not earning their own steady income(unemployed),but are always in a dilemma where their expenses are more than the income, I got your back. (I mainly had students in mind but hey!I have no qualms with other excellent readers out there). The trick is easy, imagine that your future is tangible and is reliant on every single cent you have. If you spend in an overly necessary manner, indirectly you are eating up large chunk of your future whether you like to or not. 

                                                                             BY:Chris  Baron 



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