A wise man is a man that is full of knowledge and in order to criticize,improve,or develop on the knowledge he would have to keep thinking and sees talking especially to people that are not wise a waste of useful time. A fool is someone who lacks knowledge and since they don’t have anything occupying their mind and they mostly tend to engage themselves in very serious but meaningless discussions. Traditionally we think all introverts must be wise mainly because we see them quiet most of the time, in that respect,  I classify thinking into two; knowledge based and fantasy. Knowledge based thinking is the type of thinking that brings about productivity.  To have productive thinking  you should think of knowledge acquired or knowledge to be acquired. Fantasy thinking is a type of thinking whereby individuals think about their wants and not try to make the want come to reality but instead develop the want in a “fantasy world”.  Extroverts are confused most of the time to be dull because they are outspoken but in this modern generation I see some of them to be very wise, talking much is not actually being unproductive,  what actually matters is what you talk about and who you talk about it with. We should try to surround ourselves with productive people and talk in order to increase our own productivity. The quote in order to be understood has to be related to modern phenomenons of characters which I hope has been done.


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